About Us
GiveToU is a Nonprofit Giving Platform - a first-of-its-kind engagement platform that leverages crowdfunding and volunteer management to help nonprofits or Social entrepreneurs build longterm relationships with their supporters, donators, and Companies.

GiveToU is a powerful and unique “crowd giving" and volunteer engagement platform completely focused on nonprofits.

GiveToU is also a Resource mobilization Platform in which financial and non-financial resources are mobilized either externally or internally to support nonprofits and Social entrepreneurs activities. On the other hand, Givetou also provides a social network for donators, companies, nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs and a marketplace of Time and goods,

GiveToU empowers nonprofits and Social entrepreneurs by leveraging existing social and its own networks for fundraising while building engaged communities of donors and volunteers as followers of the nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs. Fundraising methods developed by past generations have not kept up with the rapid technological changes embraced by the generations of today. The result is a market that is underserved and unprepared for the generational shift in giving that we are on the precipice of.
GiveToU helps nonprofits run beautiful crowd giving campaigns, not only by providing an extremely easy-to-use platform for online donations but, more importantly giving nonprofits the tools and best practices to maximize each campaign’s results and impact. In addition to crowd giving, nonprofits can manage, engage and communicate with their volunteers and donors, forging a relationship that maximizes lifetime value.

GiveToU also connects companies with nonprofits and Social entrepreneurs, allowing in-kind and monetary donations and Corporate volunteer engagement.